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About Vitamin Power
Exclusive Products and Proprietary Formulations Unavailable From Other Brands!

lab imageVitamin Power multiple vitamins supply a complete spectrum of key nutrients to fulfill a wide range of specific health needs. The synergistic benefits of these combined vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients provide optimal daily nutritional intake, conveniently and economically. You'll have the advantage of supplying Vitamin Power proprietary formulations, unavailable from other brands.

We Stand Behind Every Product We Sell

Vitamin Power products are manufactured and packaged in accordance with strict controls established by Federal and State Food and Drug regulatory agencies.
Each product is laboratory-tested to measure consistent quality, purity and potency. After laboratory analysis is completed, the product (tablets/capsules) is pharmaceutically-fresh bottled, available for shipment to distributors worldwide, directly from our factory.
Vitamin Power products are manufactured using carefully–selected, prime-quality ingredients, formulated for optimum nutritional value. . . No artificial colorings, preservatives, flavorings, sugar, salt or starch are added.
Vitamin Power guarantees the quality of every product bearing our label. This guarantee certifies that our products are manufactured to meet the highest standards of potency, purity and freshness. If a product does not meet your customer's satisfaction, you may return it to within 60 days and you'll be refunded your full purchase price.