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Beta Carotene

Nature’s Powerful Vegetable Antioxidant


A Natural Antioxidant

Beta Carotene is present in dark-green, leafy vegetables, carrots and yellow, red fruits (such as peaches and apricots).
Beta Carotene protects
the mucus membranes of mouth, nose, throat and lungs. It also helps protect Vitamin C from oxidation, which enables it to perform at optimum efficiency making it a powerful anti oxidant

Beta Carotene, which your body converts to active Vitamin A, but which is derived from vegetable and fruit sources, does not carry the toxicity risk of Vitamin A which comes from fish liver sources. You can take higher amounts of Beta Carotene in supplemental form, 10 to 15 mg or 15,000 iu to 25,000 iu per day, without risk.
Beta Carotene deficiency:
acne, dry dull hair, dry skin, fatigue, poor growth, insomnia, thickened scaly skin on the palms and soles of the feet, frequent infections, night blindness, weight loss, dry eyes (progressing to ulceration of the cornea if untreated) and dry mouth.
No Sugar, Salt, Starch, Preservatives or
Artificial Coloring Added.


Easy-To-Take Softgel Caps in 2 Popular Potencies…
Beta Carotene 

10,000 i.u. per capsule

Product No:

Size Price Our

2812R 100 6.95 5.45
2812U 250 14.95 11.95


25,000 i.u. per capsule
Product No: Size Price Our

2814R 100 8.95 7.25
2814U 250 20.95 16.95